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Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley Q&A

Who do I call if I have questions after the job?

Our office is open Monday through Friday and our team is always more than happy to help! Even after final payment is received and the job is done, we're always here to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on customer service for as long as you have a Klaus Larsen roof over your head.

When do I make the final payment?

One of our Project Managers will do a final walk-around with you at the completion of the job to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the project before we collect your final payment.

Will you clean-up the nails and debris?

Absolutely! We've always made it a priority to leave your home exactly how we found it. In fact, we're so confident in our clean-up, we'll reduce your final payment by $1.00 for each nail you find that we may have missed. 

Will someone be here during the job?

Yes, one of our Project Managers will be at the job to address any questions or concerns you may have. They will also be there to start the project and will do a final review upon completion. 

Do you use your own crew?

Our roofers only work for Klaus Larsen Roofing. This gives us the advantage of having the most well-trained and dependable roofers in Connecticut. 

How long will it take to finish my roof replacement?

Most residential roofing projects are completed in one day. If we're replacing your gutters, expect us to be there a 2nd day to complete the project. 

What happens on the date of the installation?

Our crew arrives at 7 AM to begin replacing your roof. They will also lay down full tarps to protect your property and landscaping.


What happens after I sign the contract?

Our Office and Production Team will contact you to give you a tentative date(s) for install. This usually happens 1-2 weeks from the date of signing. 


How long does a roof last?


While there really is no magic number to say how long a roof will last, most roofs last anywhere from 15-25 years.  A new properly installed Klaus Larsen roof will last twice as long. 

Can I do a roofing repair?

Yes, you can, as well as replacements. Feel free to call our office at(845) 335-7201 for a free consultation. 

Is it okay to put another layer of shingles on my existing roof?

We don’t advise putting a second layer on your roof. Most manufactures will not warrant adding layers. Also, by adding layers, you aren’t addressing any underlayment or decking issues, which could be a cause for leaks.  


What is covered by my insurance for a roof replacement? 

It depends on the type of damage. One of our roofing experts will come and analyze the problem and communicate with your insurance company on what is or isn’t covered. Set up a free consultation today, to have our Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley experts come out to your home. 

Should I install heat coils or cables?

No, you shouldn’t install heat cables, they are fixing a problem, but not the cause. If you do buy and install heat cables, it will take away your shingle warranty for any shingle on the market. Reach out to (845) 335-7201for advice on how to handle the problem. 

Can gutter guards be installed on my existing gutters?

Yes, we offer Raindrop Pro Gutter Guard, which is gutter protection that can be installed on almost any gutters. 5 in., 6 in., strap gutters, or standard gutters.  

What should I do about all the moss that's growing on my roof?


Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley can replace your roof and will start offering roof cleanings in Spring 2022. 

Every Winter, we get ice clogging in our gutters. Every time it melts a bit during the day, the overflow spills onto the walkway and driveway and re-freezes at night into a sheet of ice. How can we stop this from happening?

Ice damming can be very dangerous to a roof, and it may or may not, be something we can address. Have us take a look for you and call 

(845) 335-7201 to schedule a free consultation with one of our sales inspectors.  

The porch roof leaks where it meets the side of the house. Are there any easy solutions?


You may need to replace headwall flashing, remove or have siding reinstalled, and reroof the porch. We would love to have one of our Sales Inspectors assess the roof. 

How would you recommend temporarily protecting a storm-damaged roof?

A member from our crew can come out and tarp until you are ready to add a new roof. We also do repair services, where a qualified and trained expert will come out and repair damage. 

My roof is streaked with black stains. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them?


The black staining is algae, and a good way to get rid of the staining is by having a roof cleaning done. In Spring 2022, Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley will be offering this service that will get rid of the algae. We also offer a new roof that is warranted for 10-years against the black algae growth.  

What are the different kind of skylights available? 

We offer fixed, vented, and solar vented skylights. All available in curb mount or deck mount; with a variety of blind options. 

Is Partial Roofing an option? 

Yes, we can do partial roofs. As long as, we stop at a ridge, eave, or rake.  

Does Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley offer financing? 

Yes, we offer a variety of different options including low-monthly payment long-term financing, as well as 0% interest. 

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