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Before and After Pictures from Monroe
Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY

Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY

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Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY

This customer had shingles blowing off his home and rotted fascia straps!

Monroe, NY Roof Replacement

Monroe, NY Roof Replacement

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Monroe, NY Roof Replacement Monroe, NY Roof Replacement

This roof had to be replaced because shingles were blowing off.

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Monroe, NY’s reliable roofing company

Your roof is a crucial aspect of your home. It affects the look, value, and feel of your entire property. That is why you should not entrust just anyone with your roofing project. Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is Monroe, NY’s trusted company for roofing services. From the beginning of your roofing project to the end, our experts offer only the best services, solutions, and materials. We are committed to maintaining The Klaus Roofing Way, which is our special property protection guarantee and extends from the roof of your home to the driveway.

Our licensed, highly-trained team is prepared to assist you with any and all of your roofing needs. Give us a call at 1-844-471-0120 or complete the provided form to schedule your free roofing service estimate today!

Roof replacement specialists serving Monroe, NY

Homeowners may decide to complete a roof replacement project for a variety of reasons. Whether your roof is old and outdated, in need of an upgrade, or has just endured severe storm damage, we have got you covered. Our experts at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley specialize in roof replacements. They understand that a roof replacement is not simply an application of new shingles. Instead, they upgrade the roofing system at each layer, ensuring that our clients’ roofs are stronger and more beautiful than the original.

To learn more about our top-notch roof replacement services, contact us today to schedule your free roof replacement estimate. We proudly serve Monroe, NY and beyond in Hudson Valley.

Gutter installation experts in Orange County, NY

Gutters and downspouts can help protect your home from water damage, but finding reliable gutters can be difficult. At Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley we offer the best gutter system around town; GutterShutter. The GutterShutter System is designed to never clog or pull away from your home, making them the most low maintenance gutters you can have. Our skilled roofers can install our patented gutters on your home quickly and efficiently, so you can have a new gutter system up and running fast.

Be sure to contact our expert gutter installation team for more information, or set up an appointment with us today to receive a free estimate in Orange County.

Job Stories From Monroe, NY
Monroe, NY Roof Replacement

This homeowner bought the home two years ago, and the inspector told her that the roof only had a few years left. She called us when she began having problems with shingles falling off the roof and being scattered in the yard.  

She had many other companies come out before we did, but they did not address any of the chimney or skylight problems and did not go into the attic to check the plywood. The companies didn't even talk about the materials they were using. 

We went up into the attic and walked her around to show her the problems. We were also able to hand the homeowner the shingles and show them how thin they were and how there was no asphalt left. All of this together made the homeowner realize they truly needed a new roof and decided to go with us.

Victorian Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY

This homeowner of a Victorian home wanted to make sure he hired an experienced and expert roofer. He had quite a large turret off to the side of the home and attempted to do it himself eight years prior. Unfortunately, this roof was leaking due to the use of the wrong waterproofing membranes. After this, the homeowner was very adamant about finding a company that could handle all aspects of their roof, and we were a great and affordable fit!

Wavy Roof Replacement in Monroe, NY

When our sales reps came to this home, the roof was so wavy that it looked like you could go surfing on it. As our sales reps were testing the plywood in the attic, their fists nearly went through it. It turns out ¼ inch particle board was used instead of the 4-inch plywood we use. There were also two layers of shingles on the roof! Our sales reps took all their tools out, measured, and took the time to make sure they did things right.

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