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Our Successful Gutter Shutter System

Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley has grown exponentially, and part of our growth has been attributed to our Gutter Shutter System. With a patent product that truly sells itself, we have seen amazing results in not only our revenue, but our happy customers too. Our team continues to grow each and every day with the frequent Gutter Shutter System training and the high-volume appointments scheduled months in advance. We knew Gutter Shutter was making a difference when our crew told us this one story in particular: 


The property was roughly 4 acres with a two-story ranch-style house and pitched roof. The homeowner, Martin, worked his entire life as a farmer until his son took over late Summer of 2021. Martin had developed Parkinson’s disease and was unable to do the many things he was independently capable of doing his entire life. When Fall came around his condition got much worse, and he was no longer able to maintain his beautiful land and home like he used to. The leaves started piling up later that Fall and Martin called Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley. Martin was not easily swayed to go with Gutter Shutter at first, since he had been use to cleaning his own gutters out each season; so the thought of a Gutter Shutter System preventing the clogs, ice dams, and restricted water flow, was unheard of. Once we heard back from Martin, he had decided we had the best system on the market. He not only hired Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley to install Gutter Shutter, but requested his entire roof be replaced by us as well. When the job was completed, Martin was incredibly thankful for our quality, dedication, and quick installation process. 


Customers like Martin are the number one reason we give every day our all! We are happy to provide a product that works, gains trust, and provides homeowners with the quality they are looking for.

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