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Leaks come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the most obvious ones come from your ceiling. If you see rings of color or even water dripping, you’ve got a leak to take care of, asap. The brownish color coming in with a darker gray color circle inside are among the most common leaks. The darker color is usually the wet part of the ceiling and you can even touch gently, to see how soaked the surrounding area is. 


The brownish staining means the water has sat and accumulated over time. If several rings of the staining is apparent, it indicates that it has leaked and dried several times. If you have a leak coming directly from your roof, it has to go through a couple of layers in order to hit your ceiling over time. Therefore, this could indicate a roofing leak! Sometimes this is the result of a poorly done roof, an old roof, or weather damage.


Overall, do your research and protect you, your family, and your greatest investments. This is why at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley offers a 50 year warranty, to ensure you are covered for years to come. 

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