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Are Roofing Supplies Going To Increase Quotes?

Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley's manufactures are local to Connecticut and the United States. We like to stay local as we know it is more reliable and convenient for our customers. We don’t want to deal with shipment delays like all of the other roofing companies out there. We control the high rise in roofing needs by having quality near by!


Roofers that choose a supplier in another country or on the other side of the coast, need a timeline for their customer. These timelines get mixed up, mess up, and postponed, all the time. We don’t want ANY of that nonsense happening to our Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley customers. Great options like IKO are near by so we can navigate any delays (if there are any, which are rare), at any moment in time to ensure our customers get what they need, in the proper time. 


Installation crews cannot work without materials, being another reason why we work tirelessly to ensure the manufactures fulfill each order. Another common issue is the delay in color choices. Good shingles are produced to weather any storm and seasons for years. It is crucial that manufactures can recover from the shortage in colored shingles; however, our local companies in Connecticut have been amazing about suppling all roof replacements and repairs with quality and correctly colored, shingles. 


So if you are wondering what company you should check out, then click here for honest, reliable, and customer 5 star relative info. 

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