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Why Roofs Deteriorate Quickly

If you get a "cheap roof" you're probably in for a whole lot of surprises, and we aren't talking about good surprises. You see, putting a roof on your house is like picking out new tires for your car, are you getting the cheapest tires? No, you are getting the middle to high range so it lasts longer. Same thing goes for roofs. You pick a crummy contractor whole is willing to do everything dirt cheap, well, you will get what you paid for. This is not to scare you, but to be informational and open your eyes.


Roofs can in fact, be installed wrong. Taking shortcuts is not the only way your roof can end up costing you and your family more money, but so does cheap material. The truth is, a roof that is done cheap doesn't last as long. Frankly, you deserve better than that! But, just to give you an idea of all the things that could go wrong, here is a list below:


1. Flashing - could be installed wrong or sizing could be off, causing leaks to seep in through your chimney walls.

2. Rotting Shingles - talking about cutting corners, what if the contractor doesn't replace your plywood that is already rotting... yikes!

3. Missing Shingles - well these probably were put on your roof wrong or the material is dirt cheap and won't even get you through a snow storm

Unfortunately, this is a small list, but the wide variety of things that can go wrong is highly likely. At Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, we want to not only provide your with professional installers that guide you through each step of the way; we want to give you the extra bonus of our 50-year warranty. Anything, from the moment a new roof gets installed by Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, we will guarantee 50 years of a leak proof roof. If not, we promise to redo, re-flash, or get brand new materials entirely free for you and your greatest investment. For more information, call 1-845-335-7201 or visit our website at KlausLarsenRoofinghvny.com.

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