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Find Your Perfect Shingle Before You Re-Roof Your Home

Whether you're putting a photo of your house on your next holiday card, driving up every day, or inviting neighbors over, you want to be proud of your home. And, of course, when it comes time to sell, you want your roof to look attractive and in good shape.

  • White exteriors? You're in luck. Any roofing color works with a home with a white clapboard or siding. You can focus on your personal tastes, style of home, and accessory color (the color of the front door of shutters).
  • Light grey exteriors are also versatile: consider blue, black, grey and green shingles.
  • Black, grey, and green shingles are appealing on most homes, including light-colored, grey, red, and log houses. 
  • A brown roof will complement a red, white or beige exterior home as well as a log house.
  • Patterned exteriors, such as homes with multi-colored brick or stone veneers, can benefit from more monotoned shingles.

The neighborhood: Take into account other homes nearby and your natural surroundings. You can choose to harmonize with the neighborhood or stand out.

Region and Climate: Lighter shingles in southern regions may help keep your home cooler by reflecting heat and darker shingle colors may help retain heat. If local environmental codes require certain colors, your local roofing specialist from Klaus Roofing Systems can help you choose an appropriate shingle color.

Style Preferences: Of course, your personal preference is an important factor as well as the style of your home (contemporary, rustic, antique) when selecting the color of your new roof replacement.

Color Choice: A roof replacement adds value to your home in the form of added protection against the elements and curb appeal, and the color you choose can boost its curb appeal even further. Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley provides shingles that are unique because they not only perform well, but they also come with an appealing array of colors.


Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley gives you the durability and high performance you NEED on your roof. So, what are you waiting for? Put a Klaus on your house today! Call 1-845-335-7201 to schedule a FREE estimate. 


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