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25-Year-Old Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

25-Year-Old Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

Before After
25-Year-Old Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY 25-Year-Old Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

We replaced this roof with brand new Dynasty Shingles in the color Castle Grey.

Stone Home Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

Stone Home Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

Before After
Stone Home Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY Stone Home Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

We renewed the beauty on this stone home by putting on a new, asphalt roof.

Roof Replacement with RainDrop Installation in Yorktown Heights, NY

Roof Replacement with RainDrop Installation in Yorktown Heights, NY

Before After
Roof Replacement with RainDrop Installation in Yorktown Heights, NY Roof Replacement with RainDrop Installation in Yorktown Heights, NY

This home owner in Yorktown Heights, NY was experiencing leaks from their 25 years old asphalt shingled roof. They reached out to us to replace their roof with a full Klaus Roofing System as well as install our RainDrop Gutter Guard. Before the work could begin, we coordinated with the homeowner and the solar company about removing as well as reinstalling the the solar panels after the job was completed. Once the solar panels were removed from the roof, our team was about to replace the roof. To protect the home and prevent leaks in the future, we first replaced any damaged plywood decking and laid down our Klaus Larsen Roofing SealoronXT Ice & Water self-sealing membrane to create a moisture barrier between the decking and the shingles. For even more protection, we installed our own Velora One Underlayment, a high performance synthetic underlayment designed to protect the home in even the most severe weather. We also took the extra step to protect the home by taping the plywood steams with our all-weather SealoronXT Deck Tape—it's the Klaus Roofing Way! To top it off, for new asphalt shingles, we installed IKO Dynasty Architectural Shingles featuring a 1-1/4" nailing area made with a tough reinforcing woven band for incredible nail-holding power to protect the home against Mother Nature's fury. The homeowner chose the shingle color Sentinel Slate for their new roof. And with the added RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard made a great combination for gutter clogging and leaking problems, both provided and installed by Klaus Larsen Roofing!

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Yorktown Heights, NY's expert roofer & gutter installation company

An outdated, damaged roof can severely undermine the look, value, and security of your entire home. Just like the foundation, the roof is one of the home's most important structural elements and plays a large role in the property's overall curb appeal and protection. Your problems can be even worse if your home also has leaky, sagging, or clogged gutters. So when you need the very best in roof repairs, roof replacements, roof cleaning, covered gutter installation, clog-proof leaf covers, or siding installations, Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is the right roofer and gutter installation company to call. 

Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is your local expert in roof repairs, roof replacements, commercial roofing, siding installations, siding replacements, seamless gutters, gutter leaf guards, replacement windows, new entry doors, and more to Yorktown Heights homeowners and the surrounding areas with pride with top-notch services, materials, and solutions. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that you and your home are protected by The Klaus Roofing Way, which is our property protection guarantee that covers your yard, landscaping, home, and roof throughout your roofing endeavor.

We provide high-performance asphalt shingles, incredibly durable metal roofing, aluminum gutters, clog-proof gutter guards, vinyl siding installation, vinyl siding replacement, vinyl windows, steel doors, fiberglass doors, vinyl doors, and more to keep your home protected on all sides. Our highly trained and licensed professionals are prepared to help you with any and all of your roof and gutter protection needs. Give us a call at 1-844-471-0120 or click below to schedule your free roof inspection or roof replacement estimate today!

Yorktown Heights’s dependable gutter installation & leaf covers

When it comes to your aluminum gutters and gutter leaf protection you want to make sure you have the best in place, and that they stay in place. If you're constantly dealing with sagging gutters, leaky gutters, or clogged gutters, it might be time for a gutter replacement. The roofers and gutter installation contractors at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley have the perfect gutter protection system for you: The Gutter Shutter System. These seamless gutters include leaf covers, downspouts, and downspout extensions and are proven to never pull away and damage your home. Plus, you'll never have to worry about clogged gutters again with a guarantee to never become blocked up by leaves, debris, twigs, or anything else. Our expert gutter installation contractors receive professional training, so you’ll feel completely satisfied with the results of your next gutter protection system.

Taking care of a home comes with a lot of little responsibilities and tasks, so check one off your list with new seamless gutters and clog-proof gutter leaf guards! Contact our professional roofers and gutter installation experts today for a free estimate on aluminum gutters, gutter protection, gutter leaf guards, downspouts, downspout extensions, or any one of our services!

Benefits of our gutter protection system & leaf covers:

  • Seamless gutters made in the U.S.A.
  • Professional gutter installations by local contractors
  • Six-inch aluminum gutters that are larger and more durable than traditional gutter protection systems
  • Seamless gutters with clog-proof gutter guards, superior gutter downspouts, and extensions ensure no clogging, deterioration, or improper drainage discharge
  • Seamless gutters and leaf covers are available in 18 colors to match any roof
  • Lifetime No-Clog Warranty on all gutter protection systems and gutter guards!
  • No-Pull Guarantee: our seamless gutters and gutter guards will never pull away from your home during the lifetime of the structure

We offer free, no-obligation gutter installation quotes for seamless gutters, including leaf covers, downspouts, downspout extensions, and more for customers in the Yorktown Heights area! When you're ready to upgrade your home's gutter protection system with the Gutter Shutter System from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, give us a call!

Long-lasting roof replacements

Your roof is exposed to the elements day in and day out, and like any high-stress structure, roof replacements are sometimes necessary. At Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, we understand that your roof is the key to a healthy home and that a strong, long-lasting roof is more than a cobble of wood and a layer of asphalt shingles. When properly made, a roof is a system of interlocking and mutually supportive components working in unison. With a roof replacement from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, your roof is reinforced at every layer, ensuring a strong and beautiful finished product every time. 

Roof replacement benefits 

  • Replacing your old roof with a new roofing system from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley ensures a lasting solution
  • Avoid further or future damages from leaks, mold, and other unwanted results of a degraded roof
  • Boost the curbside appeal of your home with beautiful asphalt shingles in a variety of colors
  • Quality ensured by the Klaus Roofing Way!

Want to learn more about our reliable roof replacement process, high-performance asphalt shingles, durable metal roofing, or receive a free estimate for your roof replacement? Contact us today at 1-844-471-0120 or complete the provided form to learn more about our roof replacement services. We are thrilled to serve Yorktown Heights, NY and areas nearby in Westchester County.

Local roof repair contractor in Yorktown Heights

If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, springs a roof leak during heavy rainfall, or looks like it needs some tender love and care, Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley has you covered. We perform expert roof repairs and roof replacements and can customize a solution to meet your exact roofing needs. Big or small, we're ready to take it all on. Our trained professionals provide thorough roof inspections and recommend the proper solution, whether it be a moderate repair, a full replacement, or a simple roof cleaning.

We offer no-cost, no-obligation roof repair estimates on asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing in Westchester County and the surrounding area. If you think you may need a roof repair contractor, we're the right number to call.

Replacement windows & doors

Don't let worn-looking, leaky, drafty windows and doors drag down your home's appearance and drive up your energy bills. The experts at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley can help by installing beautiful and durable replacement windows and doors. Replacement doors and windows will create better home comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, they also enhance its overall curb appeal and property value.

Replacement windows & doors we offer:

  • Vinyl doors
  • Aluminum doors
  • Steel doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Bay & bow windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Entry doors
  • And more!

Get a free estimate on replacement doors and windows with Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley to learn more. We serve Yorktown Heights, NY and nearby areas.

Job Stories From Yorktown Heights, NY
Full Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

A home with an 11 year old roof in Yorktown Heights, NY was due for a roof replacement due to having multiple leaks especially near the chimney. The home already had asphalt shingles on the roof and the homeowner decided to stick with that going with the IKO Dynasty Shingles. 

Roof Replacement in Yorktown Heights, NY

This homeowner told us that he had other people come out, but they were not very receptive to the fact that he had to work from home. Many of them didn’t take him seriously or give him the full presentation and inspection he was looking for. When we got there, we went up in the attic, took pictures, and did a very detailed inspection, as is the Klaus Larsen Way. We didn’t notice anything bad in the attic, but the shingles had seen better days. His roof was missing shingles, and from the sight of the roof, they were definitely over thirty years old. Along with shingle blowoffs, significant granule loss could be seen coming out of the gutters. The shingles were also starting to get brittle, so it was time. He appreciated that our team members did not apply too much pressure but still helped him along the way. The homeowner just moved from Yonkers into this home and wanted to make sure his roof was done right the first time; he had kids and a family there. He wanted to make sure that they were protected in the future, and we helped him with that.

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