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Dance Studio Roof Replacement in Rhinebeck, NY

Dance Studio Roof Replacement in Rhinebeck, NY

Before After
Dance Studio Roof Replacement in Rhinebeck, NY Dance Studio Roof Replacement in Rhinebeck, NY

The owners of this dance studio wanted to replace the roof on their studio and their shed!

Garage Roof Replacement in Red Hook, NY

Garage Roof Replacement in Red Hook, NY

Before After
Garage Roof Replacement in Red Hook, NY Garage Roof Replacement in Red Hook, NY

We replaced this roof with Cambridge Dual Grey Shingles.

Red Hook Ranch Roof Replacement

Red Hook Ranch Roof Replacement

Before After
Red Hook Ranch Roof Replacement Red Hook Ranch Roof Replacement

This home looks brand new with its roof renewed!

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Your roof is a crucial aspect of your home. It affects the look, value, and feel of your entire property. That is why you should not entrust just anyone with your roofing project. Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is Dutchess County, NY’s trusted company for roofing services. From the beginning of your roofing project to the end, our experts offer only the best services, solutions, and materials. We are committed to maintaining The Klaus Roofing Way, which is our special property protection guarantee and extends from the roof of your home to the driveway.

Our licensed, highly-trained team is prepared to assist you with any and all of your roofing needs. Give us a call at 1-844-471-0120 or complete the provided form to schedule your free roofing service estimate today!

Roof replacement specialists serving Dutchess County, NY

Homeowners may decide to complete a roof replacement project for a variety of reasons. Whether your roof is old and outdated, in need of an upgrade, or has just endured severe storm damage, we have got you covered. Our experts at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley specialize in roof replacements. They understand that a roof replacement is not simply an application of new shingles. Instead, they upgrade the roofing system at each layer, ensuring that our clients’ roofs are stronger and more beautiful than the original.

To learn more about our top-notch roof replacement services, contact us today to schedule your free roof replacement estimate. We proudly serve Dutchess County, NY and beyond in Hudson Valley.

Gutter installation experts in Dutchess County, NY

Gutters and downspouts can help protect your home from water damage, but finding reliable gutters can be difficult. At Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley we offer the best gutter system around town; GutterShutter. The GutterShutter System is designed to never clog or pull away from your home, making them the most low maintenance gutters you can have. Our skilled roofers can install our patented gutters on your home quickly and efficiently, so you can have a new gutter system up and running fast.

Be sure to contact our expert gutter installation team for more information, or set up an appointment with us today to receive a free estimate in Dutchess County.

Job Stories From Dutchess County, NY
Improper Nailing Leads to Full Roof Replacement in Hopewell Junction, NY

A customer called in from Hopewell Junction with an 18-year-old roof that was installed improperly. There were shingles missing from multiple areas of the roof because the shingles were not nailed down properly. This was a hip roof where the hip caps need to be nailed down perfectly. Due to the haphazard installation, when one shingle came up, they are started ripping up to the point where light wind was scattering them throughout his yard. When we installed his shingles, we made sure the nailing was precise. The customer was very happy with our installation. Remember, when you want it done right, put a Klaus on your house!

Triple Layer Dutch Colonial Roof Replacement in Poughkeepsie, NY

Our sales reps got up on the roof of an 1895 Dutch Colonial in Poughkeepsie, and took their time to do a full inspection, in the pouring rain! They found that there was cedar shake installed beneath their asphalt shingles. This is important because cedar shake is nailed into battens which is much thinner than plywood and has spaces in between. The entire roof had to be reroofed over, and it ended up having a total of three layers of shingles!

Flat Roof Installed Improperly in Tivoli, NY

Our reps went to a home with an immunocompromised family that was very cautious and Covid sensitive. Our reps wore masks and were in and out of the house in 6 minutes, sanitizing everything as they went along. They were able to take pictures and show the customer that their roof was installed improperly. They called because the whole dining room was leaking, and there was staining behind the cabinets. Upon inspection, the reps found that the roof was installed as if it was a pitched roof, meaning they did not put NEARLY enough Ice & Water Shield on. Flat roofs need a full course of Ice & Water, opposed to the 3 courses that were put on there. If this was installed properly to begin with, it probably would’ve just been a repair.

Lichen-Infested Roof Replacement in Beacon, NY

This customer had a lichen growth problem on their roof, which can hold moisture in place and accelerate shingle wear and tear, so it was time for a new roof. We installed granite black shingles on the main home and the detached garage on the back of the home. We also reattached a fallen downspout and installed new 7’ gutters on the main section of the home. The garage got new gutters and downspouts, as well as 2 new skylights and a cricket for the chimney.  

Lichen-Infested Roof Replacement in Beacon, NY - Photo 1
Tell-tale Nail Patterns in Poughkeepsie, NY

Our sales reps were able to determine that this home had two layers of shingles by looking at the nail patterns in the attic!




Tell-tale Nail Patterns in Poughkeepsie, NY - Photo 1
Roof Replacement and Ventilation Improvement in Wappingers Falls, NY

This customer in Wappingers Falls, NY called wanting to replace his asphalt shingle roof while improving ventilation in the attic at the same time. This was another case of a home that was having ice damming issues due to improper ventilation. Though there are many different options for this, one option is our Super Roof that has ventilation built into the roofing!

Roof Upgrade in Beacon, NY

This homeowner saw a few jobs that we did around the corner from her and was very impressed with how they looked. She decided to have us over to look at the roof of her townhome. It was last replaced in 1982 and she was getting water in her home due to ice damming. The underlayments that were used in 1982 didn't protect against those problems, so we were able to give her a much-needed upgrade to prevent ice dam buildup in the future!

Roof Replacement in Poughkeepsie, NY

We had originally met with these homeowners a few months back, but they were not ready at the time. We called them back and revised the quote to their satisfaction, and they signed the paperwork.  

Their roof was not leaking, but it was 35 years old and they knew it needed to be replaced. They were very concerned about us working around their gutter helmets, but our project manager and head installer talked about how they could work around it, and they did! 

Two Layered Roof in Cold Spring, NY

This home had two layers of shingles, with the first set installed in the 70s and the second layer installed in the early 2000s. The attic was so small it could not be inspected properly, but we let the homeowner know of the possibility that we would have to replace sheets of plywood upon tear-off.

Roof Replacement & New Skylights in Pleasant Valley, NY

This was a total roof replacement of a roof that had not been redone since the house was built in 1983! The daughter was taking over the house, as her parents were moving to Florida. The 35-year-old roof had significant shingle damage and a flat roof area done incorrectly that was leaking into the foyer. She decided to redo the roof, and added two skylights while she was at it!

Black Mold Problems in Fishkill, NY

These homeowners in Fishkill, NY called us for a leaking problem. When we went into the attic, they didn’t just have leaks, they had black mold!    They needed a new roof and they needed it fast. Their roof deck was constructed entirely out of cheap particle board instead of plywood, so the whole roof deck had to be replaced! There were also two layers of shingles up there, but we gave them a fresh new roof with protection that they could give to their kids. We also did their gutters and installed raindrop to distribute the water properly outside. Our sales rep made sure to take his time to listen, show them what we do, and go through the manual. They had three other contractors that came out before us, but no one stopped to spend time and talk to them. We even brought samples for them look at when nobody else did!

Solar Panels in Staatsburg, NY

For this home, the roof looked like it was in good condition from the front, but the back of the house was very beat up. The solar panels on the front of the home most likely protected it from some damaged the past 10 years, but the back needed to be replaced.

The Full Inspection in Poughkeepsie, NY

We inspected an old cape house with beautiful dormers that were two different pitches! We were the only company that went in and inspected her attic and the plywood to give an accurate estimate. The homeowner didn’t even consider the other estimates because they didn’t go in the attic or inspect much.

Storm Damage Roof Replacement in Dover Plains, NY

We installed Atlantic Blue Shingles, IKO Dynasty, on this mobile home in Dover Plains, NY. This home was at the end of a dead-end street and part of the roof had ripped off during the previous storm! We did a full roof replacement.



Low-Pitched Roof Replacement in Red Hook, NY

For this garage roof, we closed off the existing skylight and covered the low-pitched area with Ice & Water, and the rest of the garage with IKO's Stormtite underlayment. It appeared to have two layers of shingles on it initially however, it turned out the homeowner used a starter strip around all the eaves-even though the minimum for code is just the bottom eaves.





Roof Replacement in Emerald Green in Largrangeville, NY

This home in Lagrangeville, NY was built in 1998 and still had the original roof on the house. At this point- it was roughly 23 years old. The homeowner wanted to replace the roof because they were looking to sell their house in a few years. The roof had the typical lichen and algae growing on it, but there was also some missing shingle tabs from storm blow-off! They chose a beautiful emerald green shingle color!



Working Together in Beacon, NY

This townhome in Beacon, NY shared a roof with three different people! These neighbors all got together, called Klaus Larsen, and took out separate contracts to get their roof replaced.

Baptist Church Roof Replacement in Beacon, NY

For this beautiful church in Beacon, NY, the roof hadn't been redone since it was built 50 years ago! Most of the roof was still the original, however, there were some parts of the roof that had a layover. They decided it was time to replace the roof all at once!

Brittle 70s Shingles in Hopewell Junction, NY

This home was built in the 1970s and still had the original roof on, plus an addition done ten years later. There weren't any leaks, but the shingles were so old that they were brittle and falling off!

The Story of Two Roofs in Staatsburg, NY

This roof was very unique. From the front, the roof looked like it was in very good shape. When you go to the back of the home, the roof was beaten up. The front of the house had solar panes, providing some layer of protection to it that the back did not get. We replaced the back side of this roof to make it more up to par with the front.

Gutters to Dire Roof Replacement in Pawling, NY

Originally, this homeowner was only looking for gutters. Upon further investigation, her roof was so damaged that it was recommended she get her roof replaced prior to replacing the gutters!

10-Year-Old Roof Replacement in Poughquag, NY

This house was only 11 years old, but the roof was already having issues! It was already leaking and the homeowner presumed that the builder of the home constructed the roof poorly and wanted it replaced.

Hyde Park, NY Roof Replacement

This roof in Hyde Park, NY was 25 to 30 years old! Luckily there were no leaks that the homeowners knew about, but it was time to replace it before the leaks started coming through.

Matching Roof Replacements in Wappingers Falls, NY

This homeowner had a roof that was over 19 years old and was time to be replaced. she also took the opportunity to change the roof on her shed to match her new roof!

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