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Before and After Pictures from Carmel
Mid-Roof Transformation in Carmel, NY

Mid-Roof Transformation in Carmel, NY

Before After
Mid-Roof Transformation in Carmel, NY Mid-Roof Transformation in Carmel, NY

Watch how our team began to transform this roof in Carmel, NY!

Gambrel Roof Replacement In Carmel, NY

Gambrel Roof Replacement In Carmel, NY

Before After
Gambrel Roof Replacement In Carmel, NY Gambrel Roof Replacement In Carmel, NY

This unique home was due for a new roof, roughly 15 years old before we replaced it!

Carmel, NY Castle Grey Roof Replacement

Carmel, NY Castle Grey Roof Replacement

Before After
Carmel, NY Castle Grey Roof Replacement Carmel, NY Castle Grey Roof Replacement

Check out this masterpiece! Our Klaus Crew did amazing, they put a new roof on a home that had the same roof on from the time it had been built.

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Expert roof repairs & gutter installations in Carmel, NY

Roof leaks, clogged gutters, damaged siding, and other roofing and home exterior issues can negatively affect the look, value, and feel of your entire home. Apart from your foundation, your roof is one of your home's most important structural elements and plays a large role in the overall aesthetics of the building. So when you need the very best in roof repairs, roof replacements, roof cleaning, covered gutter installations, gutter guards, or vinyl siding solutions, Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is the right roofer and gutter company to call. 

Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is your local roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, siding replacement, covered gutter installation, and leaf cover expert providing high-performance asphalt shingles, incredibly durable metal roofing, seamless gutters, clog-proof gutter guards, and more. We offer durable vinyl siding installation and vinyl siding replacement to keep your home protected on all sides. We serve Carmel homeowners and the surrounding areas with pride with top-notch services, materials, and solutions. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that you and your home are protected by The Klaus Roofing Way, which is our property protection guarantee that covers your yard, landscaping, home, and roof throughout your roofing endeavor.

Our highly trained and licensed professionals are prepared to help you with any and all of your roofing, gutter installation, and siding needs. Give us a call at 1-844-471-0120 or click below to schedule your free roof inspection or roof replacement estimate today!

Carmel’s dependable gutter installations & leaf covers

When it comes to a gutter protection system, you want to make sure you have the best in place, and that they stay in place. If your aluminum gutters are constantly experiencing issues like sagging gutters, leaky gutters, or clogged gutters, it might be time for a gutter replacement. The roofers at Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley have the perfect seamless gutters and gutter leaf protection for you with the Gutter Shutter System. These covered gutters, leaf covers, downspouts, and downpout extensions are proven to never pull away and damage your home or get clogged. That makes sagging gutters and clogged gutters a worry of the past! Plus, our expert contractors receive professional gutter installation training, so you’ll feel completely satisfied with the results.

Taking care of a home comes with a lot of little responsibilities and tasks, so check one off your list with new seamless gutters! Contact our professional roofers today for a free estimate on gutter installation or any one of our services, including covered gutters, leaf covers, downspouts, and downspout extensions!

Gutter protection system benefits:

  • Aluminum gutters are in the U.S.A., installed by your local gutter installation contractors
  • Six-inch aluminum gutters are larger and more durable than traditional gutter protection systems
  • Seamless gutters, gutter guards, superior gutter downspouts, and downspout extensions ensure no clogging, deterioration, or improper drainage discharge
  • Seamless gutters and leaf covers are available in 18 colors to match any roof
  • Lifetime No-Clog Warranty for our reliable gutter protection system and leaf covers!
  • No-Pull Guarantee - Our seamless gutters and gutter guards will never pull away from your home during the lifetime of the structure

We offer free, no-obligation gutter installation quotes for customers in the Carmel area! When you're ready to upgrade your home's gutter protection system with the Gutter Shutter System from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, give us a call!

Long-lasting roof replacements

Your roof is exposed to the elements day in and day out, and like any high-stress structure, roof replacements are sometimes necessary. At Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, we understand that your roof is the key to a healthy home and that a strong, long-lasting roof is more than a cobble of wood and a layer of asphalt shingles. When properly made, a roof is a system of interlocking and mutually supportive components working in unison. With a roof replacement from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley, your roof is reinforced at every layer, ensuring a strong and beautiful finished product every time.

Roof replacement benefits 

  • Replacing your old roof with a new roofing system from Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley ensures a lasting solution
  • Avoid further or future damages from leaks, mold, and other unwanted results of a degraded roof
  • Boost the curbside appeal of your home with beautiful asphalt shingles in a variety of colors
  • Quality ensured by the Klaus Roofing Way!

Want to learn more about our reliable roof replacement process, high-performance asphalt shingles, durable metal roofing, or receive a free estimate for your roof replacement? Contact us today at 1-844-471-0120 or complete the provided form to learn more about our roof replacement services. We are thrilled to serve Carmel, NY and areas nearby in Putnam County.

Metal roofing company serving Carmel

Over the years, metal roofing has increased in popularity. This is largely because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. Unlike alternative roofing materials, metal roofing stands up to the elements, giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting your home against costly water damage. Metal roofing is low maintenance, super strong, lightweight, versatile, and resistant to hail, fire, and wind.

Our metal roofing products & services:

  • Metal roof installation
  • Metal roof repairs
  • Metal slate shingles
  • Metal shake roofing

If you are looking to upgrade or repair your current roof, give us a call today at 1-844-471-0120 or contact us online to schedule a free metal roofing estimate in Carmel and nearby!

Local roof repair contractor in Carmel

If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, springs a roof leak during heavy rainfall, or looks like it needs some tender love and care, Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley has you covered. We perform expert roof repairs and roof replacements and can customize a solution to meet your exact roofing needs. Big or small, we're ready to take it all on. Our trained professionals provide thorough roof inspections and recommend the proper solution, whether it be a moderate repair, a full replacement, or a simple roof cleaning.

We offer no-cost, no-obligation roof repair estimates on asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing in Putnam County and the surrounding area. If you think you may need a roof repair contractor, we're the right number to call.

Job Stories From Carmel, NY
Gutter Shutter installation in Carmel, NY

This homeowner in Carmel, NY noticed a leak on their kitchen ceiling after a heavy rain storm and wanted the strongest gutter system in the world installed on their home, Gutter Shutter—a perfect choice for gutter clogging and leaking problems! The Gutter Shutter's features and benefits will work to protect this home Carmel, NY. 


Klaus Larsen Roofing of Hudson Valley is a trusted local installer of Gutter Shutter. We're proud to provide homeowners with this all-in-one gutter solution that is guaranteed to never clog or pull away from the home. Gutter Shutter seamless gutters are 6" wide and constructed with 0.032 thick aluminum, larger and stronger than traditional 5" residential gutter systems.

Gutter Shutter installation in Carmel, NY - Photo 1Gutter Shutter installation in Carmel, NY - Photo 2Gutter Shutter installation in Carmel, NY - Photo 3
The Disadvantages of Oriented Strand Board in Carmel, NY

This roof was tarped and in very bad shape when we arrived. Upon further inspection, oriented strand board was used instead of plywood for the roof decking. The roof was leaking and there were multiple holes in the decking due to the use of the oriented strand board. Once OSB gets wet, it swells and stays wet, therefore retaining moisture. We only use plywood for roof decking to ensure the roof stays strong for years to come.

Roof Too Patched For a Repair in Carmel, NY

These homeowners were originally looking for a roof repair. After we completed a full evaluation of the roof, we determined it was not repairable due to the previous patchwork that was done with copious amounts of tar!

Why We Use Plywood over OSB in Carmel, NY

This roof in Carmel, NY was in pretty bad shape. There were multiple holes in the plywood on the roof deck because they used oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is similar to particle board and made up of strands of wood glued together; it is cheaper than plywood but is also thinner, retains more moisture, and degrades faster than plywood. We gave them an entirely new deck of half-inch plywood along with a full roof replacement!

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